South Korea is very advanced. They have one of the highest per-capita rates of Internet use as well as mobile phone use in the world. The electronics produced from companies such as Samsung and LG are leading the global economy. Carmakers such as Hyundai and Kia are selling enormous amounts of vehicles around the world. They're leaders in the shipp… Read More

Hertzano mentions in his 1978 book that there are 3 variations of the Ramikub that emerged. There is the American, Sabra and International. In modern day games, the Sabra is the only a single offered and there are variations of the rules across publishers. The sport of program demands the particular gaming pieces composed of 106 tiles with 104 numb… Read More

So moving on, the Big East needed an immediate replacement so they can remain at eight teams. Temple, who used to be part of the Big East until they got kicked out, has rejoined the conference. The Owls football program is very respectable now, unlike the past where it was more of a joke.Five years later, my mom is a huge supporter of teaching over… Read More

Five years later, my mom is a huge supporter of teaching overseas. She's seen first-hand how much I've learned and grown from the experience. Even if she cries every time I leave the country, she is no longer worried about the van picking me up.By any name, this party, gathering, event is the most anticipated, fun filled and planned event for a Gro… Read More

Looking away: When you notice a player looking away it is a result of two different scenarios. Either they are not interested in the hand because they don't have anything, or they have a very strong hand and want to avoid eye contact. More often though it is a result of them having a very strong hand. Conversely when a player stairs you down, it us… Read More